What is a Testathon?

A Testathon is like a hackathon but for testers. We created this event with the aim of connecting the testing community whilst learning from each other and enjoying what we do best.

Does it cost to attend?

It’s completely free to attend.

What will we be testing?

We’re going to be testing 2 amazing apps which will be announced closer to the event date.

Do I need to bring my own devices?

Yes! Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide any devices on the day.

What testing methods will we be using?

Testers are allowed to use any testing method they feel will find bugs. You can bring your laptop and any software you have.

What if i can’t make the whole day?

Testers need to be there for the full day.

What is the schedule for the day?

You will receive an email in advance with full details.

Is this a competition?

Yes! However, everyone will get some swag and prizes.

Who’s behind this?

Testathon is put on by a group of volunteers who are passionate about Software Testing.